Taxing process involved in building a house and a viable alternative to it

In June 2016, 18693 house plans got approved in Australia, out of which 9367 units belonged to the private sector houses, and 9116 units belonged to the private sector buildings, excluding houses. And when you are planning to build your own home, it can be more than exciting. It’s an opportunity to choose the designs and patterns and wall colours, and every other thing that you like. But it is also something that might overpower you if you are not informed of the stages in building the house, and the timelines associated with it. A Newcastle builder would take somewhere between three months to more than a year to build a house depending on the square footage, storeys, weather conditions, availability of supplies and workers. And you will have to make important decisions through the way.

The reality is, regardless of whether you are building a small cozy abode or a magnificent mansion; most homeowners feel the process is a bit overwhelming.

Here is a list of a few important things that can demystify the home building timeline and make you feel at ease with the work of the Newcastle builder.

Designing your home

Before doing anything, you will first have to look for an architect to design a plan or a pre-designed blueprint upon which the house will be constructed. At this stage, it is important to determine how many square feet do you need? Which side should the master bedroom be facing? Whether you want the bedrooms on the first floor or the second floor? All other specifications that you have dreamt of must be conveyed to the designer at this stage. Eden Brae Homes

Preparation for the site

At this stage, it is better to let the Newcastle builder carry out the job for you. You can expect a lot of heavy equipment and machinery at this stage as the workers would have to clear up the barren land, excavate and level it according to the pre-designed plan. Then the builder would have to pour out concrete entrails on the ground as a support for the entire edifice. Once the footers are in place, and the inspection is conducted, the concrete slab of the foundation is laid, which would be then made ready for framing. This stage requires extensive structural works, but you must also be prepared for delays if the weather conditions are adverse.

A smart alternative

In case you have no prior experience in home building, it would be wise to opt for Oran Park house and land packages as opposed to buying the land and then selecting a responsive builder. The packages help you to see the cost of building as a whole that would include all the major components such as land, site working and finishes as well. The Marsden park house and land packages would allow you to compare house and land packages in different locations very quickly and effortlessly.

Is the home and land package ideal for you?

The Jordan house and land packages are ideal for every new home aspirant with a strict budget since it offers the land and a home under a single amount and saves a lot of time and money as it spares the home buyer from paying heavy stamp duty. But when you are opting for a land and are building a house separately on it, you are required to pay stamp duty on each component separately.

So it goes without saying that in case you are a newbie, there is nothing that could help you better than a house and land package to see your dream home turn into reality.

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