Choosing the Right Pallet Racking System

Whether you are on your first storage solution or in the process of expanding your warehouse pallet racking system in Australia, consideration of several factors is a must to avoid wasting resources on the wrong storage system.

The following are some of the practical things to consider when putting up or expanding your own pallet racking system. To know more about warehouse pallet racking system, visit Sky Rac.

pallet racking

Factors to Consider

  • Budget and space

When building a reliable storing facility for your products, you need to be keen about your budget as well as the space you need to utilise to maximise the use of your Australian pallet racking facility.

Also, it is impractical to simply measure the total ground area for your racking system. Another thing, you need to measure how much space you can make use of when necessary expansion arrives.

  • Weight capacity

Your pallet system’s capability to hold a certain amount of weight will simply depend on the way it is configured. If you are storing heavy and solid products such that of the industrial equipment and spare parts, then you would most likely need a sturdy pallet.

On the other hand, you need to have a custom made pallet racking system for liquid products which are packed in bulk to ensure that they are kept safety before disposing them to your store.

  • Items to store

As mentioned above, your racking system will greatly depend on the way it is configured and the types of items you store on them. Not only must you consider the weight of these items, though. Their physical dimensions and the types of materials they are made of must also be considered.

Another thing is the way that these items are carried or moved from one place to another. Are you going to use a forklift truck to move these items? Or are you going to simply use a manual pallet truck?

  • Warehouse layout or floor plan

Your warehouse layout and overall design are essential when choosing a pallet racking in Australia. It is important to have this curated even before you buy shelves and racks as this will help you decide the number of pallets that you will be using, the exact amount of space to utilise for certain goods and to plan ahead for future expansion.

Failure to make a warehouse plan will most likely make you waste resources as well as spend unnecessary expenditures.

  • Other considerations

Installation of conveyor belts, using of different types of forklift trucks or hydraulic stackers, and installation of mezzanines are some of the things that you must also consider especially that they are largely based on the height of your pallets, the items you are storing, and the overall design of your warehouse.

Buying the best pallet racking installers

To make an effective and efficient pallet racking system, you need the most reliable and best provider. Find Australian pallet racking providers who have the best client reviews and feedback, as well as the most years of experience in the industry to ensure that you get what your money is worth. Please visit

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